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Setting Wallpaper, Lock Screen, Registered Owner with Intune

The solution below will apply customizations to the clients that are mandatory, which means in particular that the user will not be able to change the wallpaper on his machine. See the links below if you just want a pre-configuration that allows the user to change settings. You must provide a 1920×1200 image which will… Read More »

Powershell script to check if Azure AD Connect is affected by the vulnerability described in CVE-2021-36949

The script below will check if your Azure AD Connect is running a version affected by the vulnerability described in CVE-2021-36949. Affected versions are and #Disclaimer: This script is provided as-is with no warranties of any kindWrite-Host “Checking if your Azure AD Connect version is affected by the vulnerability described in CVE-2021-36949″Try{$params =… Read More »

Error 801c0003 when joining computer to Azure AD

In case you are getting error 801c0003 (This user is not autherized to enroll) when joining your computer to Azure Active Directory, it is likely that you need to modify the default device settings in Azure AD. Log on to, go to Azure Active Directory->Devices and check the device settings, in particular the options Users… Read More »