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Clean up unused Hyper-V disks with PowerShell

At times, you may find that orphaned vhdx and avhdx files are filling up your physical disk. You may have deleted the virtual machines in the Hyper-V console earlier, but their disks were never cleaned up. The script below lists all vhdx and avhdx files in a certain location and checks in Hyper-V if they… Read More »

Enable Windows 11 Insider Preview updates in Hyper-V

Here’s a short description on how to enable Windows 11 Insider Preview updates on Hyper-V machines. Set up a Hyper-V Generation 2 machine with Windows 10 21H1. Make sure the recent updates are installed. Configure 8192 MB RAM, 4 Processors and enable the TPM.           On the VM host, run  Set-VM -VMName… Read More »