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Pocket Guide to Surface Driver Integration in Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Go to and find the appropriate download link for your model. Create the folder that you want to place the drivers in, for example D:\Sources\Drivers\Win10\Microsoft\SurfaceLaptop5 Run the msiexec command to place the drivers in that folder:  msiexec /a SurfaceLaptop5_Win10_19044_22.102.17126.0.msi targetdir=C:\Sources\OSD\Win10\Driver\Microsoft\SurfaceLaptop5 Now go to the ConfigMg console, navigate to Software Library -> OSD and open… Read More »

Save mail attachments with PowerShell

The following step-by-step guide should enable you to automate the process of downloading attachments from an O365 mailbox to a folder. Be aware that this gives access to any mail account that you enter in the code below, therefore don’t just consider functional aspects but also the security of your environment. You should also be… Read More »