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Pocket Guide to providing processor, core and logical processor information from ConfigMgr inventory

The information about processors, cores and logical processors is a bit confusing. However, since it may be required for Windows and SQL server licensing [1], below some queries and links. Get details about SQL Server installations: select distinct fcm.Name as [Machine Name], arp.DisplayName0, sys.Active0 , WS.LastHWScan as [Last Inventory], sys.CPUType0 as [CPU Type], p.Name0 as… Read More »

Change the account of a service with PowerShell

Changing the account that is running a service is a little bit tricky with PowerShell. The script below will replace the current account (let’s assume it’s local system) with a local user account that the script creates and adds to the local admin group. Local admin rights are generally not required for the purpose of… Read More »